Audit and Assurance

  • Financial Certification under Article 20 of the Company Law
  • Financing Certification for bank financing requirements
  • Public Offering Company Certification under Section 36 of the Securities and Exchange Act
  • Securities Dealer Financial Certification under Article 63 of the Securities and Exchange Act
  • Project Review of Internal Control System of Public Offering Companies
  • Tax Certification of Income Tax Law
  • Capital Amount Verification Certification for Industrial and Commercial Registration
  • Client-entrusted project certification
  • Article 12 Verification of Financial Statements of Certification Private Schools


  • Profit-seeking Income Tax Review Certification Declaration
  • Profit-seeking enterprise income tax agency settlement declaration
  • Comprehensive income tax agency settlement declaration
  • Verification of Certification declaration and agency declaration for mid-term closure, dissolution, and liquidation
  • Application for Review or Objection, Petition, Administrative Proceedings, and Appeals
  • Defence, signature, appeal, revision of trial, correction of ruling in financial cases

Accounting Services

  • System design: design of general accounting system, cost accounting system, and internal control system
  • Accounting processing: sorting out the usual accounts and sorting out the year-end accounts
  • Internal audit: regular audit and ad hoc audit
  • Payroll processing: entrusted to handle payroll, labor insurance, and pension operations

Business Consulting Services

  • Financial and tax accounting integration consulting and counseling
  • Internal control system design and guidance
  • Funding Planning and Matchmaking
  • Mergers and Acquisitions assessment and on-site review
  • IFRS Consulting and Coaching

Investment Services

  • Business registration
  • Trademark registration
  • Patent application
  • Application for investment by foreigners and overseas Chinese
  • Application for overseas investment by enterprises and agency business for overseas companies
  • Registration of a consortium
  • Drafting of various accounting and commercial documents