Choose Proservace

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Real-time financial information could simplify the daily business

  • Be more efficient

The last thing you want to waste the time on is the daily tasks. With the professional assistance from PROSERVACE, you could focus on the core business issue and save the time for paperwork.

  • Check the sales report immediately

The traditional monthly report is already outdated when printed out. PROSERVACE enables the clients to check the financial status in real-time and helps to improve the business process. With PROSERVACE, you could have the electronic services, software and experts from a single window.

  • Meet all your requirements

Be free to purchase the services you need. It is unnecessary to invest and maintain the expensive software. PROSERVACE offers eFina – a financial management software which can integrate with your current system. With the company growth, we can provide the digital services such as corporate reporting, international transactions entering and invoice circulation.

Electronic financial management

  • The instant financial status

The electronic financial management is the foundation of the business. With eFine, you will be able to manage accounts receivables and payables while paying and sending the invoice at the same time. eFina Mobile and eFina Reports can also replace the paperwoks. With all the efforts, you could invest the time and money you save in the business.

PROSERVACE provides all essential services for the small enterprises to success, including the business guidance.

    • Reconciling Bank Statements
    • Balancing Credit Cards
    • Maintaining General Ledger
    • Preparing Financial Statements
    • Preparing Sales and Payroll Tax Filings
    • Providing helpful financial guidance along the way!


Are you looking for a comprehensive, accommodating, and cost-efficient financial department as well as modern, electronic financial management tools? Outsource your financial management to Administer and we’ll manage your routines more effectively, so you can focus on developing your core business.

Outsourcing streamlines your financial management

Top financial management experts at your service

Get a team of the specialists to handle the routines and provide professional advice, and the same team could take care of the bookkeeping at the same time. It means the team works as well as the internal team. As the appointed experts, we could handle daily bookkeeping such as payroll ,accounts and even the requsest from the CFO.

Up-to-date skills and expertise

Do you need an IFRS standard closing of accounts? Done. We can handle  USGAAP and will help in bringing your management processes up to standard. If necessary, you can also enlist a specialized team of consultants to help with any demanding tasks such as mergers, acquisitions, and tax planning.

A real-time view of your finances

With our help, you can follow your financial transactions in real-time using modern, automated systems. For example, you can review up-to-date income statements and dig into the numbers directly at your board meetings. This ensures that you are making decisions based on real data.

Technology and services that adapt to your processes

As your financial management partner, our job is to make the everyday running of your business as smooth as possible. Owing to our flexible tools and systems, we can adapt to your existing systems and set up both custom and standard API integrations.

International Businesses

Is your company looking to expand to Taiwan or beyond Taiwan? Do you have foreign customers, whose business environment you would like to better understand, or are you looking to acquire a business in Taiwan or abroad? Contact us and together we’ll find a solution to your challenges.

The experience and networks that international businesses demand

  • Support from a broad international network

PROSERVACE is the member of Integra, an interactive association of CPAs, CAs and Business Advisors.Operating as an independent business, Integra members support the growth of our client and offer local knowledge on taxation, legal affairs and business cases. We could help to find the experts not only in Taiwan but also abroad.

  • Reliable partners

Founded in 1994, the Integra network consists of 122 companies in 66 countries. Members are carefully selected and go through a comprehensive due diligence process before being approved as members. This guarantees that our customers receive reliable and professional service from any member. Administer is the only Integra member both in Finland and Sweden.