Job Opportunities

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The diversified work content of accounting firms is an excellent learning environment, and it is also the cradle of cultivating outstanding financial personnel. We wholeheartedly welcome those who have expertise in accounting, auditing, taxation, business management, business registration, etc., as well as who has positive, enterprising and careful personality. If you were responsible, dedicated and playful, come and join us to enrich yourself, pursue growth, and meet challenges!

  • Qualification

Bachelor’s degree or above in accounting, taxation, finance, and other business-related disciplines, preferably with a professional certificate.

  • How to apply?

1. Download the application form.
2. Complete the application form together with photocopies of professional certificates, graduation certificates (including discharge certificates), graduation transcripts, and autobiographical documents, and mail them to the office.

If you have any related questions, please contact us.


Domestic and International Firm Outings

PROSERVACE values the importance of work-life balance to employees and to the Firm and organizes firm outings on a regular basis to reward our employees for their hard work.

Cash Gifts for Dragon Boat, Mid-Autumn, and Chinese New Year Festivals

PROSERVACE respects employees’ family and social life and treasures our festivals and customs. To celebrate Chinese  New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival, every year we gives both monetary and nonmonetary gifts to all employees for their hard work.

Medical Examination

PROSERVACE takes each team member’s physical health seriously because our employees are our most valuable asset and investing in their health is just as important as investing in any other part of the business. Therefore, regular medical examinations are conducted every year.